Wednesday, April 13, 2016

MENTIONS: Susan Sarandon Thinks Kristen Stewart is "using her career instead of being used by it"

Legendary actress Susan Sarandon mentioned Kristen Stewart today with Harper's Bazzar:

Today I think there is a crop of young women who are interested in having fun and having lives but are not necessarily trying to please all the time—even though they are scrutinized constantly. The Melissa McCarthys, the Amy Poehlers, all of those gals who are creating work, being funny and independent. You don't always have to be about liberation. Then there's Shailene Woodley and Ellen Page and Brie Larson—they seem to be creating a life. Kristen Stewart. Saoirse Ronan. These women are using their careers instead of being used by them.

It's amazing how the legends encourage our new generation of actors to be themselves and create a life instead of having the limelight create one for them. 

What do you think of Susan Sarandon's words about Kristen? Leave comments below. 

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