Wednesday, April 13, 2016

MENTIONS: Cherie Currie Describes Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning as "realistic and remarkable" in 'Runways' Biopic

The Runaways mogul Cherie Currie talked about Dakota Fanning's portrayal of her, as well as Kristen Stewart's portrayal of Joan Jett in the 2010 punk rock biopic. She discussed with Spotlight Report:

SR: I’ve heard you talk about how impressed you were with Dakota Fanning’s portrayal of you and how highly you regard her, as an actor. What was it like watching the film for the very first time?

CC: Wow. Well, you know what? I will say, more than watching the film for the first time, when Joan and I were on the set for when they did that scene which was to be taking place in Japan, Joan and I literally had tears running down our faces, because we’d finally got to see what everybody else had seen. It was like we were watching The Runaways. That was a moment I’ll never forget, because that’s how realistic Dakota and Kristen were playing us. And it was remarkable seeing the movie. Well, I saw it with my family for the first time and you know, it was a little weird, especially when it came to the more sexualised parts. My son’s sitting next to me, you understand. But I will say that Dakota’s always been one of my favourite actors of all time. So when she signed on to do this film…I’m still in shock that she did it. And Kristen – of course, she was fantastic. And Michael Shannon was fantastic. It was just such a great cast and Floria Sigismondi really captured the seventies in such a unique way. It just seemed to take us back.

Such kind words from the legend herself! Kristen and Dakota did such a great job in that movie.

What do you think of Cherie's words for Kristen and Dakota? Leave comments below.

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