Saturday, June 4, 2016

MENTIONS: Jamie King: "Robert Pattinson "Wanted to Take FKA Twigs to Anything" Dance-Related


Actress and model Jamie King mentioned meeting Robert Pattinson and how he wanted to do something dance-related for his girl FKA Twigs:

Excerpt from Everything you need to know about the dance world, according to Jaime King

3. Her new gig as a choreographer 

King recently organized The Final Chapter, an evening of dance and interactive poetry that took place in LA. “I was talking to Rob Pattinson right when he first started dating [FKA] Twigs, and he wanted to take her to anything that had to do with dance,” she recalls. “I was trying to find something for him and I realized we in Los Angeles have very little live performance art. So I said, if other people aren’t making it happen, I want to make it happen.” 

King chose the music and co-choreographed the performances with 18-year-old dancer Haley Messick; the evening was, naturally, a hit. “I intend to continue to move into this dance space and bring more of it into Los Angeles,” she says eagerly.

Awww that's so sweet! Rob always has to do something for his girl! ♥

Read more of her interview with Well and Good

Thanks to robsessedpattinson for the info!

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