Friday, December 6, 2013

Hayley Williams Shuts Down #Tayley Rumors @yelyahwilliams

Hayley took it to tumblr to express her firm belief in shutting down fans who want her and her bandmate/best friend Taylor York to be together. Mind you, Hayley is already in a committed relationship with New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert, so this made her even more determined to let the rumors die. Read her post below:




Reblogging because I noticed a lot of people posting pics of Taylor and I from Q102’s Jingle Ball. They were captioning the photos with things like “OMG TAYLEY MAKE THE PERFECT COUPLE OH MY FEELS THEY SHOULD JUST START DATING ALREADY OMG HAYLOR”. 1st of all, it’s absurd. 2nd, it’s disrespectful. One gossip site even mentioned that they know I’m in a very serious relationship… but then went on to talk about how Taylor and I should just totally go out. Ugh. Get me out of here!  
For some reason people still can’t seem to wrap their head around the concept of a female-fronted band. Much less a band comprised of nothing but females. But I’m still holding out hope for some of you.
Really, everyone should just know better anyway. I hate to see anyone belittle the friendships that I have with Taylor or Jeremy. We’ve worked way too hard for shallow-minded people to undervalue what this is. This is just a girl who joined a band with two guys based on a shared passion for creating music. It’s not complicated so don’t make it that way.

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