Tuesday, December 10, 2013

#Spotlight The Spotlight is On Teaser: 12/10/13 @fictease

The Spotlight is On! by Paralighter4ever
Chapter 75 Teaser
Banner by FSMeurinne
Banner by FSMeurinne
Alice came out with the first single for her debut album, called “Call Me Maybe.” I thought it was cheesy pop, but she liked it, so whatever.
That annoying song played everywhere, nearly every radio station, supermarket, hair salon, commercial, and TV spot for the rest of the year! I loved my sister dearly, but her song was annoying. Edward laughed at me whenever it came on, while I covered my ears. He thought it was cute, and so did the band. When the video out, Alice called Jasper to be the love interest in it, and of course he said yes. After that, Jasper got all kinds of recognition for his country music, which made him even happier.
In January, Rose came out with her debut album, with about 12 songs written by her, and an extra track written by me and her, called “U + Ur Hand”. It was a fun, rock n’ roll type of song. I had written the second verse when I was in rehab, and she wrote the rest when I showed it to her.
In May, her second single, “If I Can’t Have You” came out with a lyric video, then the actual music video. She also set up a radio tour with Carlisle.
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