Tuesday, December 17, 2013

New 'The Spotlight is On!' teaser: 12/17/13 @fictease

Here's a new teaser from my fic 'The Spotlight is On". Read below! 
The Spotlight is On! by Paralighter
Chapter 76 Teaser
Banner by FSMeurinne
Banner by FSMeurinne
Jake got hold of my number and told me he was writing his own EP. He wanted me to sing a duet with him. I couldn’t speak for a good 5 minutes. How did he get my number? Why now? Did someone give him my number? Edward was going to hate this. He wouldn’t get too upset, but I knew he wouldn’t like this at all.
I told Jake I’d think about it and call him back, then told Carlisle everything. He wasn’t happy, to say the least. But he told me to do what I thought was right. I still wasn’t sure.

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Read more on Wednesday night for the rest of the chapter! :)

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