Wednesday, November 20, 2013

#Spotlight The Spotlight is On Teaser: 11/20/13

The Spotlight is On! by Paralighter4ever
Chapter 72 Teaser
Banner by FSMeurinne
Banner by FSMeurinne
As for us moving in together, we would start apartment-hunting after the Grammy’s. We went for an apartment as opposed to a house because we wanted something small to start out in.
That’s right, DOTP’s song “Renegade” was nominated for “Best Rock Performance” for the 2012 Grammy’s!
I screamed so loudly when I’d first gotten the letter from the Grammy’s Association, and Alice and Rose jumped up and down and screamed with me! The boys congratulated us, and Edward kissed me hard.
Later that month, we got all dressed up to go to the event, held our breath when they announced the nominees, and…
Find out the rest later tonight! ;)

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