Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Paramore Release "Daydreaming" Music Video

Paramore have released their new music video for "Daydreaming" for the UK, and it's really cute! It reminds me of their "Careful" live video, from Brand New Eyes in 2010. Except in this one, there's a bit of a storyline involving 2 best friends who travel together to see the band live in the UK.

Paramore recently finished a sold out UK headline tour that included two nights at Wembley Arena and parts of their brand new official music video were shot during those two shows! ‘Daydreaming’ will be released as a single here on 2nd December. Lead singer Hayley Williams says: "we are so excited to be releasing Daydreaming as a single in the UK. Playing it on the tour we just finished over there was one of my favourite moments in the entire set. Thanks to everyone who came out to the Paratour! Hope every time you hear Daydreaming on the radio it brings back good memories of singing along to it at the show’.

Watch the video HERE



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