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MENTIONS: Olivier Assayas on Kristen Stewart's "incredible pace and rhythm" in PERSONAL SHOPPER

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PERSONAL SHOPPER director Olivier Assayas discussed Kristen Stewart's intense work on their second collaborative project. With Film Journal:

"She kind of popped up on the set forty-eight hours before the shoot," Assayas says by phone. "I had given her a screenplay that was 'finished' more or less, but we actually finished it on the set." 
The director describes their work as a process of nonverbal communication, of operating on similar wavelengths. He praises Stewart's grasp of cinema, of "understanding what is going on within a shot. She brings such incredible pace and rhythm, she recreates the characters from inside, but at the same time she's guided by physicality, by the body."
Assayas notes how Stewart can manipulate time within a shot, expanding or contracting scenes simply on the strength of her engagement in the moment. "She knows that she can try things," he says. "She knows that she can push things. I think when you have a bad relationship with actors, they won't be as daring because there's always the possibility that if they try something stupid, you won't be smart enough to edit it out. It's all about trust. I give her as much space and time as she needs within the shot and she gives me the risks she's taking. She gives me back the trust I give her. 
"A lot of scenes or moments were very much shorter or slightly different in the screenplay. Every now and then Kristen would do something and I would turn to my continuity girl and ask her how long was this shot, and she would tell me like three minutes. And I would just freak out because I didn't realize it was that long. But I wasn't bored one second, I was discovering something new that Kristen was bringing."
 Sounds like an amazing journey those two had had while filming. To read the whole interview, visit

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