Tuesday, March 28, 2017

NEWS: Hayley Williams as Contributor for CAN U DEAL? Magazine

Paramore's lead singer Hayley Williams has always been outspoken about injustices in the music industry, especially as a young woman in rock music. She contributed to Can U Deal? zine, introduced by Jennifer Clavin from Bleached.

The zine features many female artists growing up in the rock scene dealing with sexism, and being labelled as a "girl band". They also speak on how they feel about their music being defined by their sex.

Hayley wrote in the essay:

"When the band started touring I was embarrassed that every review we got back was only focusing on me. Why couldn’t people just forget I was a girl?"
Jennifer also wrote:

 "Labeling me as a woman in a band just puts me in a box, and doesn’t allow everything else I am to be seen and heard."

Proceeds from the zine will go to Planned Parenthood, with only one-thousand copies available at $12. Visit hellomerch.com to buy a copy. Hear Jennifer read a snippet of Hayley's speech on Spotify's Bleached - Women's History Month 2017 playlist here. See Hayley's contribution below:

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