Thursday, February 2, 2017

NEWS: Zac Farro Returns as Paramore's Drummer!!

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Ok ok ok so if you've gotten the official emails, you know this already. But still, this news is huge!! It's not that surprising, given that the band have hinted it for awhile, especially since they're all working together on Album5, but now that it's official, we can be excited again!!


Zac used to be in the band as an awesome drummer from 2004-2010, when he'd left with his brother Josh to pursue other passion projects. And Zac, lead singer Hayley Williams and guitarist Taylor York have always stayed good friends, even after the breakup. Additionally, Zac has been helping the band recording their upcoming fifth album, so of course things were bound to happen. But I don't think we'd ever imagined this!!

To celebrate, Paramore released a newly designed T-shirt with a baby picture of Zac, for $25 on their online merch store. Click the image below to visit the website.

So you better go grab that shirt before they're all gone!! I hope we know more about this reconciliation soon. 😊

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