Sunday, September 13, 2015

Kristen Stewart Discusses Her #RBF with @MTV: "If I’m thinking about something I look really puzzled"


Kristen Stewart sat down with MTV to talk about the phenomenon of the Resting Bitch Face, a showcase of no emotion on your face. Whether it's a result of her thought process, or just her face, Stewart delves:

We all know the phenomenon: you’re spacing out, waiting for the next thought to come, and someone asks if you’re OK. Are you mad? Are you upset? What’s the matter?

It’s the curse of the resting bitchface.

Kristen Stewart is a known bitchface disciple, but not on purpose. While chatting with MTV News at Toronto International Film Festival for her upcoming film “Equals,” Stewart opened up about her RBF. As it turns out, even director Woody Allen has noticed that Stewart’s face tends to fall into a certain expression during downtime.

“I play someone who’s very buoyant,” Stewart said of the project she’s currently working on with Allen and co-star Jesse Eisenberg. “I think I can be light sometimes, but I can’t hide anything. So if I’m thinking about something I look really puzzled. But Woody comes up to me and he was like, ’is your face always in this sort of…state of repose?”

“I know that he has not like read the fact that people think that,” Stewart said. “It totally came from a genuine uninfluenced place. It was like, ’is your resting face…’ he actually used the word resting. I was like, within what context? Right now I think I’m kind of thoughtful, put Jesse in front of me and I’ll start laughing.”

But she doesn’t let the constant chorus of bitchface naysayers get to her. A face is a face is a face.

“It doesn’t bother me,” Stewart said. “I think honestly it’s all bullshit.”


ICYMI: Kristen and Josh Horowitz's Dubsmash video here.

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