Thursday, November 17, 2016

'LIZZIE': First Photos of Kristen Stewart on Set in Savannah, GA (Nov. 16, 2016)

Hello, Bridget Sullivan!!

Here's the first look of Kristen Stewart on set of Lizzie!! Look at that costume! She looks like a cross between Mary Poppins and Pilgrims lol. 

Synopsis from Deadline:

The pic revolves around the story surrounding the infamous murder trial of convicted axe killer Elizabeth Borden (Chloe Sevigny), who was eventually acquitted for the 1892 murder her father and stepmother in Fall Rivers, MA. Huguley will play William Henry Moody, the prosecuting attorney in the case. [Kristen] Stewart plays Bridget Sullivan, the Borden’s live-in maid and a key witness.

Check out the photos below: 

Thanks to: korita05x for the info.

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