Monday, May 2, 2016

#NewFronts: Kristen Stewart Making Directorial Debut with 'Water' Short Film for Refinery29's VR29 Studios 'ShatterBox Anthology'!!

After all these years of being inspired to direct, Kristen Stewart finally gets her chance!!


According to The Wrap, she is directing her short film, tentatively entitled Water for Refinery29's Shatterbox Anthology series for the new VR29 Studios. Actress Gabourey Sidibe will also be making her directorial debut with her short film A Tale of Four Women.

A series featuring 12 engaging and inspiring short-form original scripted films created by female directors, writers, and animators that will explore the dynamics of power. The series provides the women with creative support from Women at Sundance, as well as advisory support from Killer Films’ founders Christine Vachon and Pamela Koffler. A selection of ShatterBox Anthology films will also be distributed through Comcast Watchable, in addition to running monthly on Refinery29 beginning in summer 2016.

Additional filmmakers in the ShatterBox Anthology include: Academy Award nominee Jessica Sanders, Tribeca Film Festival Nora Ephron Prize winner Meera Menon, Webby Award founder and Emmy nominee Tiffany Shlain, Courtney Hoffman, Jessica Dimmock, Robin Cloud, Roja Gashtili, Julia Lerman, and Anu Valia. The first film debut backed by ShatterBox Anthology, Kitty, which is Chloë Sevigny’s directorial debut, will premiere at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival.

Also, THR reports:

The first project comes from Chloe Sevigny. In her directorial debut, Sevigny has adapted short story Kitty, about a girl who dreams of becoming a kitten and eventually finds herself transformed into one.

For ShatterBox Anthology, Refinery29 has enlisted the help of advisors Christine Vachon (Carol) and Pamela Koffler (Still Alice). The veteran producers will help Refinery29 identify talent and evaluate projects under consideration. The digital media company also is working with Sundance Institute on the endeavor. 

Remember Kristen's interview with Wonderland Magazine last year about how she'd written "a sick short film...about water"?

"I wrote a sick short film that I'm really proud of. It's more abstract rather than super narrative. It's like a poem; it's about water. People ask, 'Wky not just direct a feature?' But I want to play around first. I want to have experience." She's a big fan of John Cassavetes, who was a pioneer of improvisational filmmaking and cinéma vérité. Stewart talks about his filmmaking style as an influence. "I think the first thing I'm going to make will live in the in-between moments."

Can't wait to hear more about Water!!

What are your thoughts on Kristen's directorial debut? Leave comments below.

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