Monday, May 16, 2016

MENTIONS: Chloe Sevigny Finds Kristen Stewart "Intimidating"

Actress Chloe Sevigny mentioned Kristen Stewart in an interview with LA Times:

"Kitty" is part of a planned series of about a dozen shorts by Refinery 29 of directorial debuts from other prominent female entertainers; they include a host of directors by trade, but also people like Kristen Stewart and Gabourey Sidibe. "We really want this to be about the dynamics of power," said Amy Emmerich, Refinery 29's chief content officer. "And Chloe represents that. Weird and cool, that's what we want."

Sevigny will, notably, be in Cannes at the same time as Stewart, who is in the middle of her own transformation, arriving  at the festival with two films, from Woody Allen and Olivier Assayas. Stewart is currently contending with the privileges and burdens of a 21st century It Girl status. That would seem to give Sevigny and her a bond.


"I'm really intimidated by Kristen Stewart. I want to be friends with her really badly," Sevigny said.

"We text a little and see each other at parties. But she's intimidating," the filmmaker added, alluding to Stewart's fast-talking, no-nonsense demeanor.

Sevigny paused.

"Also, she's so famous. It must be hard to be that famous‎."


LA Times reporter, Steven Zeitchik via twitter: Btw when asked about this, Stewart said, "Chloe always says she's intimidated. I don't know why she says that." 

Maybe one of these days, Chloe and Kristen will actually meet. Maybe through the Refinery29 project, perhaps?

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