Wednesday, March 9, 2016

PARAHOY! SECOND VOYAGE: Photos from Day 4!!

The second bi-annual Parahoy! is officially over! In their final day, Hayley Williams and Taylor York played ping-pong, a belly flop contest, and a Q&A with fans. 

The band was once again asked why they have never played "All I Wanted" live, and Hayley said that the song turned out to be extremely hard and she doesn’t feel like she can handle it but she suggested Taylor, he can try to sing it if he wants to. LOL!! 

Naturally there were questions about Jeremy, but there was no answer as of yet as to why he left.. Prior to the Q&A, Williams joined her husband Chad Gilbert and New Found Glory onstage for a performance of their collaborative track “Vicious Love.” This was towards the end of NFG’s third set on board.

Thanks to paramoremusicom for details.

To catch up on all things Parahoy, check out the tag for photos, videos and more.

Full Q&A



Photos by: Michelle Wacker | CallMeAnnie | Billboard
Videos by: latentskies
Via: paramoremusicom

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