Saturday, December 19, 2015

PERSONAL SHOPPER: First Look of Kristen Stewart from Studio Cine Live

Here's a first look of Kristen Stewart in Personal Shopper, from Studio Cine Live Magazine. 

Digital Scans 

Translation of the text:

"One does not change a winning team! Olivier Assayas directs for the second time Kristen Stewart, after 'Sils Maria', with which the actress earned, in February, her first major trophy, all continents combined: the César for Best Supporting Actress. In this ghost story, on the sidelines of fashion world - shot in English - Kristen Stewart plays a young American living in Paris, who earns a living as a "personal shopper" for a celebrity. Yet, her real gift lies elsewhere: in her ability to communicate with spirits, that she shared with her twin brother lost recently. Around her, Olivier Assayas gathered Sigrid Bouaziz, seen in Eden, Anders Danielsen Lie, Joachim Trier's fave, as well as Lars Eidinger, that he has already directed in 'Sils Maria'.
By Olivier Assayas, with Kristen Stewart, Sigrid Bouaziz, Anders Danielsen Lie.. release to be determined."

Thanks to itsoktobeyouorg for translating. ♥

Photos by: Studio Cine Live Magazine

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