Wednesday, May 3, 2017

MUSIC VIDEO: See CHVRCHES' "Down Side of Me" for Planned Parenthood, Directed by Kristen Stewart

See CHVRCHES' new music video for "Down Side of Me" for 7 Inches for Planned Parenthood, directed by Kristen Stewart.

Kristen Stewart has come back from directing her first short --- Come Swim, which premiered at Sundance Film Festival this past January --- to helm Scottish techno-pop band CHVRCHES latest music video, "Down Side of Me". The Playlist writes:

Part of a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood, as valuable a cause as you could ask for right now (the song will be available in a boxset with other tracks from people including Mary J. Blige, John Legend, Foo Fighters and Bon Iver), it’s an impressively done performance video shot almost exclusively in intimate close-up, and bodes well for Stewart’s future work as director. Take a look below, and pre-order the boxset, or just donate to Planned Parenthood, here.
 I've seen the video twice, and I love the aesthetics of seeing the band's hands, faces, eyes, and recording of the song in the studio. The best part is when you finally do see the band altogether, it's like you're seeing them with brand new eyes, like a breath of fresh air. Genius!!

See the video below.

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