Friday, September 2, 2016

MUSIC: Paramore Join the PURPOSE HOTEL Soundtrack

The Purpose Hotel

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Paramore and the Purpose Hotel soundtrack team up to help people in need. 

Celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart has the idea of a unique hotel where every checking-in helps a person in need. To fund it, the the multi-artist soundtrack will be released and Paramore is going to be on it, says Rolling Stone.

Cowart launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Purpose Hotel, which he hopes to begin in Nashville and then expand globally. It will be a place where absolutely everything inside benefits a worthy cause. Each room in the Purpose Hotel will also sponsor a child’s education, with a plaque on each door telling that child’s story.

The Purpose Hotel, Vol. 1 compilation album will be the 20-track project. According to the Rolling Stone article: the photographer called on friends and past clients to record music for the compilation album and Paramore is on that list.

UPDATE: Hayley spoke about the Purpose Hotel soundtrack with a fan on Twitter:

"The audacity" that my band does something purely out of the kindness of our their hearts. RME...

Anyway...great cause, great organization, can't wait to hear more about it! ♥

Thanks to Rolling Stone and for the info!

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