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What is your beauty routine like?

I make sure to clean [my skin] thoroughly. I use Proactiv Cleanser for teenagers, that suits me well, I don't know what will happen if I stop. Then I apply a foundation and a Dermalogica moisturizer, or a care given by a makeup artist. I think it's good for the skin to vary the products.

What's your daily makeup?

I don't put anything heavy on my skin. And when I no longer have that perfect black line of eyeliner, made by my makeup artist Jillian Dempsey, I wear the black eyeliner from H&M, super and really cheap. The other day, I even asked a friend to buy me five of them! The result must be natural and light because I don't want to look like a raccoon! And I like the color of my lips, so I just apply the moisturizing lip balm Rosebud.

And to go out?

A touch of lipstick, either nude or very very red, never anything in between. When I have to dress up for an event, I put Chanel nail polish.. dark, red, black or midnight blue, depending on what I wear.

A diet plan to keep a slim waist?

I can eat five cheeseburgers in a week! I'm lucky, I don't really need to think about my weight. But, before a movie, I try to eat a little better and healthier. I love cooking: I'm doing the best quinoa with coconut milk instead of water, mango and coriander. Crunchy and soft at the same time.

What's your fitness routine?

I do not have a trainer, but I should! I love running, swimming, skateboarding and biking, or take a walk with my dog. I'm fortunate to live in California where there are many pretty outdoor places, it bothers me to train in the gym. But sometimes I have to, like before the Snow White filming: I knew I was not going to stop running, I did not want to make everyone wait until I catch my breath! I exercised every day in L.A. with a trainer who kicked my ass, I was in a very good shape.

In your wake there is..

Balenciaga's Rosabotanica. I was a fan of Florabotanica, the previous fragrance, and I used the body moisturizer [Body lotion] all the time. Contrary to its name, this new fragrance is not too flowery, it has something slightly warmer.

The best beauty advice you have received?

Drink water and sleep.