Friday, February 14, 2014

New Hayley Williams Interview with @RyanSeacrest @yelyahwilliams

Paramore‘s Hayley Williams stopped by On Air with Ryan Seacrest this Valentine’s Day to talk about her upcoming tour with Fall Out Boy, the band’s new video for “Ain’t It Fun,” her love for Jason Segel, southern accents, and more!
Hayley shared that when it comes to her Valentine’s Day plans tonight, she’s leaving it up to longtime boyfriend and New Found Glory rocker Chad Gilbert.
“I don’t know them … I’m not really sure what they are,” Hayley admits. “I was thinking – I didn’t know what kind of Valentine’s Day this will be – I was thinking I’m never home, so do I need to think about cooking up something? … And he was like, ‘Stop it! This was my holiday to plan!’ So I didn’t plan anything.”

When she isn’t spending quality time with her man, Hayley and her bandmates Taylor York and Jeremy Davis have been breaking as many offbeat records — like holding stuffed animals while walking blindfolded backwards — as possible in their latest video for “Ain’t It Fun,” off their 2013 self-titled album.
“We were like, ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if we broke the record of breaking the most records?’ We legit broke all the records,” Hayley shared. “We broke 10 in the video.”
Despite having a great time recording the video, the song means a lot more to Hayley than just catching as many feathers as possible.
“Lyrically, it’s about … I had just turned 25 and when we wrote it I had just turned 23 and I moved out here … and I was by myself … and I had to yank myself out of small town familiarity, all those comforts and put myself out there,” the Tennessee native explains. “And it was scary even though I’d been on the road for almost 10 years … I still felt like I can be such a baby … and it’s a sarcastic play on it’s a dog-eat-dog world, but you really just have to try.”

While Hayley was here, we pulled a fast one on her when we had the star of one of her favorite shows The Walking Dead call in. Norman Reedus surprised the rocker by discreetly phoning in a “Hello” … to which Hayley shrieked, “Nooooo!” upon hearing his voice. 
“It’s so crazy to talk to you,” Hayley exclaimed to Norman. “You got us through our entire Self-Titled Tour. The guys and I were watching you every week.”

And although Paramore just ended a tour, the trio is set to hit the road again this summer with Fall Out Boy, Monumentour, a collaboration that couldn’t get any better to both Hayley and fans.
“Our bands both come from the same world,” she explains. “It’s like underground scene, punk rock  and we were emo bands back in the day. This is a testament to [our fans'] dedication … they’re great. It’s going to be such a great energy every night.” 
Monumentour kicks off June 19 in Connecticut and will make stops in 30 cities across North America. For tour dates and ticket information for Monumentour, click here.



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