Wednesday, August 17, 2016

MENTIONS: Zac Farro Talks Drumming with Paramore on Billboard

Paramore's former drummer and friend Zac Zarro talked with Billboard about recording drums with them for Album 5. 

A very first important fact is that the album isn’t finished yet but Zac is already sure that “if you like Paramore you’re gonna love it.” He also thinks that new songs are “really, really good,” especially his drumming parts! “I did my best.”

Was returning to Paramore, for now only as a drummer on the album, a huge step for him? “It’s a second chance,” he says. “I’m so thankful that I’m playing on the album, but that wasn’t what was important to me at the beginning. What was important was mending those friendships… Hayley and Taylor have become really good friends of mine again and they’re super supportive of my stuff. We’ve restored our friendship. Cleared the air.” 

New HalfNoise album, Sudden Feeling is coming out on September 9th. Full postcast is available HERE. You can hear there Zac pointing out that Paramore is now only two people and even though Taylor is sometimes playing on the guitar in HalfNoise, Zac is more focused not only on his on projects but also on keeping good relations with Hayley and Taylor, not speficially getting back to Paramore. “There are just two of them now and it’s their album,” he says. “People will always associate me with Paramore because this is where I’ve spent the half of my life.”

Would he like to get back and play a couple of shows with them? “I have moments but I don’t know if that’s even an option. It would be fun. I kinda take every day as it comes.” So, maybe one day we will see Zac playing in Paramore again? “Who knows?,” says Zac.

Whether Zac returns to Paramore or not, I hope he kills the drums in Album 5! :)


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